I just finished reading Marzia’s blog post titled Fear. My heart goes out to Marzia and Felix, get better soon.

Garden Supplies 1

I finally started my vegetable garden, this morning. I’m diving into this blind, but I will improve. I bought the plants last night and the pots and dirt this morning at home depot. My friend recommended that I don’t buy the dirt from home depot because she described it as trash. Well, technically it already is trash, or more like excrement, but I understand what she’s trying to tell me: it doesn’t work. I’m optimistic thought, so I bought a pack, and a few seeds to plant at a later time.


I’ve always wanted a garden, but I don’t have land to plant on, all I have is a balcony that doubles as a storage facility, which is not a good combination considering my mom’s a hoarder and it’s not any bigger and the length of a small rowing boat and the width of an outdoor grill (just for some visual reference) I told myself I’d make it work though, so I bought containers to hold the dirt along with the “trash” soil and started my urban indoor garden! I want to make them live! I can never keep them alive, and I know I’m not the only one, okay! But I will get into gardening for the sake of my new babies(yes, I’m one of those, let me be!). With the help of my brother, I also gave them names…


PhobosPhobos Pot

and Bae (as in BAsil)…

BaeBae Pot

I named my Italian basil plant Bae, I wasn’t too creative today. My brother named the garden sage Phobos, I don’t know why, I asked him, he doesn’t know either, and I pushed him a bit more and he said he heard it was a moon and liked the name.

Like I said I’m going for it, I’ll learn overtime and make Phobos and Bae last long as nature intended. I feel like I was given a creature to take care of, and I must keep it safe! Haha– I’ll keep this updated…


Grand Papa

My Grandfather passed away last night around 7 p.m., Pacific time, but in Guatemala it was around 8 pm.  He was 67 years old. He died from kidney failure, which was the same fate my uncle, who was one of my grandfather’s son, died from. My uncle died at the age of 23 years old, his wish was to get married and have children; he never got the chance to fulfill those wishes. My grandfather had 15 children, two of which died at birth. Out of the thirteen left, 10 of them were girls and the rest  boys. One of those girls turned out to be my mother. One of the many unfilled wishes my grandfather had was to see my mother, that never happened. At the moment my mother is devastated by the fact that she never got to hug him.

My uncle and grandfather
My uncle and grandfather

Many people in rural areas of Guatemala have been dying of kidney failure, especially where my mother’s family is from. A big chunk my mother’s hometown’s territory was bought by Big Money, which decided to start planting palm trees, and other crops. Those palm trees are being treated with pesticides and other toxins, which all end up in their drinking water as runoff. There’s not much that can be done about it, unless I become a billionaire and decide to buy the territory back from Big Money. Most of the rivers have been dried off by Big Money as well, which leads the all the residents to look for the same river, which then becomes too dirty to even swim in. This is what I have heard from residents, but I have no evidence. I did look up some information online, but none of it was used for this paragraph. Big Money is not a real company name is Guatemala.

I’m sad as well. I only met my grandpa once. I was eight, and he strolled me around on a horse in that town. I have the same pain as my mother does: not being able to see him now. I was planning to go this summer, but I won’t get to do that. I will still go, but family members will be missing. Rest in peace grandad.


Rooftop Movie


I went to go watch moonlight Saturday night, it had me almost crying a handful of times, and made me cry twice. It was emotionally difficult not to cry, considering that I could strongly relate with the main character’s issue: identity. I’m reaching the shore line of this problem, but I’ve personally learned that identity is not congenital, it’s created with experiences overtime. What I personally got out of this movie is that the joy of life is to find comfort in everything, regardless of what that may be, even within sorrow.


I watched the movie at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, who hosted the rooftop theater club. It was a novel experience. It’s definitely not handicap accessible, I had to climb about four, or was it five, I don’t remember, about six flight of stairs to get to the event’s location. The roof’s perimeter was gated, there were lights everywhere, plastic turf, a tented bar and food stand, there was even a water fountain, where I could have refilled my water bottle! I didn’t bring it with me that day, though, for reason I get into later. I came around seven thirty, thirty minutes early, to make sure I got a seat I would feel comfy in, bought a drink to control my cough, and took, as you can sort of tell, a few photos. I decided not to record a lot only because I didn’t have my preferred camera with me, and because I didn’t know you could bring a camera, the same with my stainless steel bottle, I didn’t want to bring them only to be told they were not allowed. I took the bus there, and I wasn’t going to risk anything, anyways! At least not today.


The seats were as novel as the experience and were surprisingly comfortable. We, as in the attendees and I, were lent blankets, which was everything, considering the change of day, and the fact that we were in an open environment, it was nice to stay warm. We all got headphones as well, for the best movie experience, it had volume control and were comfortable. Their were more than a few technical error that took more than a few seconds to correct at the beginning of the movie, but again the experience was novelty, and I would definitely go again next year. I’ll make sure to bring someone with me next time, though. I really needed someone to stand in line and grab the snacks! 😉


I forgot to mention that I went to the Veggie Grill to grab some grub, conveniently around the block, before the event. I don’t have much to say on this today, I got the basic burger. Their are no combos there, I learned. I had to order the drink separately. All in all, a nice place to eat.